Biggest takeaway from 3 years of tech-leading metric infrastructure development on Google Search.
I've been told I give good internship advice, so here it is.


English Style Linter

Applies rules in Strunk and White's Elements of Style to an input sample of formal writing.


A sketchy image filter using canny edge detectors and linear regression.

Rainbow Disks

Pretty 2d sphere packing in negative space of images.


Finding the most common word associations by character point of view in each book of GRRM's series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Yelp Dataset Challenge: Reviewer Harshness

Using Yelp's academic dataset, calculate a harshness score for each reviewer and normalize the businesses' ratings using those scores.

2015 NASA JPL Space Design Challenge

Designing an algorithm to find safe landing spots on Mars.

Zoo Animals

A short social experiment executed as a zoo animal sim using D3.

Word Based Password Generator

Generating word based passwords.

About Me


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
B.Sc. Computer Science 2016


Javascript, Python, C, Java, Haskell
Scala, Scheme, Go, PHP/XHP, SQL



Mountain View, CA
Software Engineer
Starting in May!


Mountain View, CA
2017 - 2021
Senior Software Engineer, Search
Go, Javascript


San Francisco, CA
2016 - 2017
Software Engineer
Javascript, Scala, Python


San Francisco, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Execution
Migrated dialogs from jQuery to React, conversion from RequireJS to CommonJS, built tool to export a notebook as a static HTML file and export a notebook cell as a pastable code snippet. Rewrote cluster creation workflow. Added logging for usage data. Javascript, Scala, Python.


Mountain View, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Search Analysis
Developed new metrics for mobile search. Built data visualization tool using D3 for analyzing search result quality and ranking, also applied to Ads and Now. Implemented further logging (tracking more metrics and improving data quality of existing metrics). Javascript, Go.


Menlo Park, CA
Software Engineering Intern, Developer Experience
Product development on Platform/OpenGraph. Built the Roles page of Executed several Open Graph type deletions and migrations. Improved privacy management of the employee deprovision process. Built internal tools for app change requests. XHP, Hack, Python.

Leadership & Awards

2015 NASA JPL Space Design Competition

April 2015
Led my team to place 3rd out of 37 teams designing an algorithm to find safe landing sites on Mars. See the project writeup for links to my code and the competition's wiki.

Teacher for CS@ILLINOIS Splash

April 2015
Taught high schoolers a course on using data to make product decisions, covering several recent, interesting cases of metric use in the industry.


2013 - 2014
Founding member and treasurer for SIGCoin, an ACM special interest group for cryptocurrencies and their impact on finance and the economy, along with associated projects.